Proudly Serving Kelowna Families for 25 Years

We are so excited to welcome you to our practice.  As a dedicated team of chiropractors serving Kelowna since 1992, we provide quality chiropractic care from infants to seniors. Our goal is to provide you with the most valuable health and lifestyle information to help you live to 100 years and beyond! We offer the highest quality nutritional products,  Class 4 therapeutic K-laser,  Footmax orthotics, and the Chirothin weight loss program.

Learn the 8 keys to an AWESOME 100 Years…

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  • I am so impressed with the Consultation and treatments I have had with Dr Jeff. His light touch method has amazing results and I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.

    ~ Jo Ann M.

  • My children and I have been coming to Dr. Jeff for about 10 years. He really listens and cares about our family and we are very healthy because of this. I would highly recommend him.

    ~ Jennifer R.

  • For a sore back this treatment is very gentle

    ~ Peter Donald

  • Best chiropractor in Kelowna!

    ~ K & C Zahn

  • Dr. Jeff has treated my family for a number of years and it helps my daughter play high level volleyball at her best.

    ~ C Rowe

  • I was to the point that I did not like my job and wanted to quit because I was always in so much pain. After only a couple of sessions the pain was gone. After a few more, I felt more energy and I felt like I was 24 again. I am 100% sure that Chiropractic Care is the reason I feel so good!

    ~ Ryan Taylor

  • Knowing that I can come for a treatment when some part of my body is out of “wack” or I’m in pain is of great comfort personally and professionally.

    ~ Christine Bulak

  • Chiropractic Care has improved the quality of life for me personally! Chiropractic Care has enabled me to re-establish the range of motion in my body to a level where I can function pain-free on a day-to-day basis!

    ~ Dianne Bourbeau

  • Chiropractic Care reduced or eliminated the back problems that seem to go with growing older. They helped me learn how to keep physically fit and specifically, improve the quality of my golf game.

    ~ Robert Hunkin

  • I have more energy and I feel more upbeat not having to feel pain constantly. I enjoy my sports more and look forward to my next challenge. I did not realize how rotten I felt before Dr. Pereverzoff’s care!

    ~ Virginia Jordan

  • Chiropractic Care has enabled me to live a more active lifestyle in my day-to-day life. It has been the best decision that I have made in a long time. I should’ve done this years ago!

    ~ Mitch Cornett

  • In September, I came to Dr. Pereverzoff suffering from a fall that occurred in July. I didn’t do anything about the fall when it happened, and the pain had become so severe that I was unable to sit in my automobile for any length of time due to the unbearable pain that was shooting down my left leg from what I believed to be a pinched nerve. I was also unable to bend my left knee without experiencing excruciating pain, thus making exiting my car very difficult. My right shoulder was approximately 2” lower than my left one and my right hip wasn’t in alignment with my left hip. After weekly adjustment by Dr. Pereverzoff, I no longer have pain in my left leg.  I have good range of motion in my left knee. My right shoulder and hip are in proper alignment. I am able to walk properly and drive with no discomfort. It is with pleasure that I give this testimonial to the work of Dr. Pereverzoff and his chiropractic care.

    ~ Neil Butler

  • I hurt my back in 1994. After 6 months of physio and doctor’s appointment, no one could tell me what I had done, and I was still in lots of pain. Then I came to Chiropractic Care. It took him only a few minutes to see that I had torn a back muscle. No other doctor told me this. After a month of sessions, I was able to do activities that I hadn’t been able to do without pain. Now I go regularly to stay healthy.

    ~ Colleen Easton

  • Though initially suspicious of chiropractic care, I have become a devotee!!! It has had a significant, positive impact on my general well being and thus improved all aspects of my life. Sleeping particularly!

    ~ Karen Milner

  • After one month of visits, I began to notice that certain aches and pains I once had were diminishing or gone completely. I originally decided to go to a chiropractor for a “clicking” in my neck that was becoming more persistent. After speaking with a friend about it, she suggested that I could try seeing a chiropractor. Her Father went once a month and said that he always feels great afterwards. Since the “clicking” in my neck was getting more and more annoying, I got the name of her Father’s doctor and I made an appointment. At my first visit, I let the doctor know of my fears and reservations that I had about visiting a chiropractor, and he gave me all the information and reassurance that I could’ve asked for. Now, my back feels more relaxed, my posture is improving, and I am feeling better all around! I’m on my way to monthly visits to maintain the benefits that I have received through Chiropractic Care. I no longer have the “clicking” in my neck and I owe it all to my chiropractor! Prevention is the best medicine.

    ~ A. Baker