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Chiropractic Care

Our chiropractic care centre features a research-based technique called Torque Release Technique™ (TRT). This adjustment approach is low-force and highly controlled. It feels great! Our patients love coming in for this exceptional care.

It’s As Easy as Tuning a Guitar String

If you are in a state of crisis, every symptom is your body’s way of telling you something important: your nervous system is out of balance. Symptoms can vary from pain and headaches to digestive issues and anxiety. When the body is in crisis mode, it’s difficult for it to heal. It won’t regulate properly.

TRT is the best way to restore the balance in the nervous system. It helps to fire up the body’s natural healing processes.

This technique is not like a typical adjustment. There’s no cracking, and it’s very gentle. It’s carried out by either placing the thumb on a specific spot of the spine or by using a handheld instrument. The symptoms you’re experiencing are the body’s way of letting you know that your guitar string is out of tune.

The Integrator

The instrument we use to ease the tension in your nervous system is called the Integrator. Some of the outstanding properties of this handheld device include

  • Consistency
  • Gentleness
  • Precision
  • Reliability
  • Specificity
  • Speed

The Integrator is the only chiropractic adjusting device developed out of randomised clinical trials. You can count on its ability to help you reduce spinal cord tension and nervous system imbalance.

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We use our TRT protocol with remarkable results. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newborn or someone deeply into your golden years; we want to help. Kelowna Family Chiropractic provides high-quality chiropractic care in a loving and supportive environment. Whether you’re in the middle of a health crisis or suffering from a chronic condition, we’ll work with you to help you reach your health goals. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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