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Meet Dr. Hannah Korten

Special Interest in Pediatric, Prenatal & Postpartum

Dr. Hannah KortenDr Hannah Korten is a South African Chiropractor with a special interest in Pediatric, Prenatal, and Postpartum Chiropractic. “A pregnant Mama’s spine, pelvis, and centre of gravity are changing daily as her baby grows inside her! It is a beautiful thing to be able to care for a mom through Chiropractic as her body adapts to carrying that child and preparing for childbirth.”

When Dr Hannah was a child, her mom used to take her and her sister for maintenance Chiropractic care. For most of her childhood and teenage years, Chiropractic was just one of the things that was a part of a lifestyle which supported maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system.

Holistic Model Of Health

When Dr Hannah was 16 years old she knew that she wanted to pursue a career in Health Care. After spending time shadowing Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists and Chiropractors she still was not sure which profession she wanted to go into and so she applied for all of them, hoping and praying that the wrong doors would close and the right ones would open. To make things more confusing, she was accepted into all 3 programs. It was eventually Chiropractic that won her heart because of the holistic model of health it encompasses and because of the lifestyle that it offers. And now, as a practising Chiropractor, Dr Hannah can confidently say that she made the right decision and has a deep passion for what she does.

Chiropractic Training

Dr Hannah completed her Chiropractic training in South Africa at the Durban University of Technology. Her Masters Thesis was in the field of neurophysiology as she studied and tested the effects of neck adjustments on proprioception, balance and electrical activity of muscles. Dr Hannah then furthered her training in Pediatrics and Pregnancy by attending seminars hosted by Dr Steve Williams and the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA).

“My favourite part of what I do is being able to care for babies and children. There is something so rewarding about correcting a young spine and nervous system that is in the prime phase of growth and development and then watching that child thrive!”

Outside the Clinic

In 2018 Dr Hannah married her husband, Dr Joshua Korten, and the two of them started practising Chiropractic together in Kelowna. They recently became a family of three when their little daughter, Saelah Fay, joined them in December 2020. They have been loving this journey of parenthood together so far. In her spare time, Dr Hannah enjoys hiking, CrossFit, trail running, coffee shops, surfing and sunny beaches.

Dr. Hannah Korten | (250) 868-1167