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Advanced Technologies For Health and Fitness

The revolutionary kybun exercise concept developed by MBT inventor Karl Müller immediately begins to redesign your everyday life to be healthier and more dynamic.

Standing on the elastic spring base kyBounder and walking on the aircushion sole of the kyBoot trains the feet minute for minute, straightens the body, relaxes the muscles, spares the joints, and relieves pressure on the veins.

kyBoot Walk on air

What makes the kyBoot special is its air-cushioned sole. Every step momentarily launches you into weightlessness; the soft, supple sole gives your foot maximum freedom of movement.

  • Is kind on the joints
  • Relaxes your back
  • Exercises your muscles
  • Activates blood flow in your legs
  • Stimulates the receptors in your feet as they feel the floor surface

kyBounder Your daily workout

The springy kyBounder mat is a healthy alternative to sitting passively. Its soft, supple structure, encourages your muscles to make constant, minute movements.

  • Relieves tenseness
  • Improves posture
  • Strengthens deep muscles
  • Improves your general fitness
  • Helps prevent falls in the elderly

kyBounder Mat

Exercise while going about your daily activities

With the soft and elastic kyBounder, work usually done while seated can now be performed without any effort at all as a “standing exercise”. As opposed to standing on a hard surface, the soft and elastic kyBounder provides a delightful, soft, springy sensation that brings about deep stimulation of the muscles and improved balance.

kyBounder Benefits and Effects

  • Relieves muscle tension
  • Improves posture
  • Improves fitness level without additional time and effort
  • Increases creativity and ability to learn
  • Reduces stress and hyperactivity
  • Increases calories burned
  • Strengthens the hip and knee joints
  • Helps prevent the risk of falling
  • Simply the most enjoyable means of working

kyBounder Technology

The kyBounder mat is made from high-quality multicomponent polyurethane. As opposed to traditional floor and PVC mats, the kybun PU material remains soft and elastic for years to come, and even when used extensively does not become brittle.

Standing at work?

The kybun mat with rubber coating has a thickness of 2 cm and is ideal if your everyday work requires you to spend long periods of time standing on hard surfaces – if you stand at a bank counter or a sales counter, or if you wear safety shoes and stand at a workbench. The elastic springy kybun mat Plus relieves the strain on your whole body, protects your joints and prevents leg fatigue. Thanks to its special coating, it is water repellent and easy to clean and can be used when wearing shoes.

Range of Products

The kyBounder is a patented quality product, developed and manufactured in Switzerland.

kyBounder Colours: Burgundy or Charcoal

kyBounder Sizes
46 x 46 cm (18.1″ x 18.1″) Thickness 2, 4, & 6 cm
46 x 96 cm (18.1″ x 37.8″) Thickness 2, 4, & 6 cm (0.8″, 1.6″, 2.4″)

Which Mat Thickness is Right for Me?

2cm – For therapy and rehabilitation (learning to walk again)
4cm – For individuals with equilibrium problems or dizziness, senior citizens, children, and individuals with injuries.
6cm – For general daily use: in training, at home, or at the office.

Basic principle: the thicker the mat, the more intense the training effect of standing on the kybun Mat.

kyBoot Shoes

Enjoy walking with the Swiss air-cushion shoe

The kyBoot is the innovative, everyday shoe, created by Kybun using technology to improve the strength, coordination and mobility of your foot.

Foot climate system

The airy honeycomb structure of the kybun shoe creates an air cushion between your foot and the ground. Every step pumps a fifth of the air volume into the foot space to cre¬ate a comfortable shoe climate.

Foot sensor technology

The kybun shoe‘s flexible, cushioned trampoline sole allows your feet to feel every detail of the ground, which stimulates the health-promoting receptors in your feet.

Air-cushion sole

The novel kybun sole consists of specially developed multi-component polyurethane (PU), into which many tiny air bubbles have been sealed. This elastic springy air pad enables optimal cushioning.

Improve your walk

Wearing the kybun shoe helps you to ‘switch gears’ from the antalgic gait to the natural gait.

Antalgic gait: Walking in normal shoes on flat surfaces protects the body instead of challenging it. This weakens the body instead of training it. Muscles become shorter and lose their sensomotoric abilities. Joints are subjected to improper strain. The entire system becomes susceptible to pain arising from overloading.

Natural gait: Walking barefoot on uneven, natural surfaces such as sand trains the entire musculoskeletal system with every step, improving its power, coordination, sensomotoric ability, endurance, flexibility, etc. Joints are protected and muscles, ligaments and tendons become healthy and robust.

kyBoot for everyday

The kyBoot is an everyday shoe which can be worn the entire day. It is particularly suitable for people who stand at work or have physically strenuous jobs. The elastic kyBoot sole (aircushion sole) prevents heavy legs, burning feet, back pain and vein aliments. Because the elastic material always dynamically adapts to the form of the foots sole, the kyBoot is also ideal for all foot problems.

Medical Conditions the kyBoot is recommended for:

  • Hallux Valgus (chronic crookedness of the big toe, bunion)
  • Hallux Rigidus (pain due to overexertion)
  • Chronic inflammation of the Achilles Tendon
  • Varicose Veins
  • Back Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Tension in the Neck and Headaches


Are insoles (arch supports, orthopaedic insole) recommended in the kybun shoe?

In general, we recommend wearing the kybun shoe without insoles in most cases. The elastic springy kybun sole conforms pleasantly to any foot shape; the foot is comfortably supported and can still move freely. Because insoles require a hard, stable foundation, they do not function optimally on the elastic springy kybun sole.

The natural foot rollover on the elastic springy kybun sole strengthens the foot muscles and stabilises the entire foot. In the kybun shoe, the foot learns to actively stabilise itself with its own musculature (insoles stabilise passively); with time, many kybun users no longer need insoles at all.

What is the difference between men’s and women’s models?

The instep of the men’s soles is cut higher, and the forefoot is broader. A woman with wide or swollen feet can wear a men’s model without any problem if the size is correct.

What is an ‘Initial Reaction’ to wearing Kybun Shoes?

An ‘initial reaction’ is a perceptible, unpleasant reaction by the body to wearing a kybun or standing on a kybun mat. These reactions can take three forms: fatigue, pain and ‘unpleasant feeling’.

Everyone reacts differently to the fantastic but unfamiliar ‘walking-on-air’ feeling. Nine out of ten people can wear kybun shoes all day long right away and love the feeling and the effects. One in ten will experience ‘initial reactions’, a temporary reaction from overloading immobile joints and weakened muscles, ligaments and tendons because after years of relieving postures, more time is needed to become accustomed to the new freedom of movement and the greater strength expenditure when wearing the kybun shoe.

There is nothing fundamentally bad about experiencing an initial reaction since this is actually a sign that the kybun shoes are challenging the musculoskeletal system and locating the body’s weak points as well as its coordination and muscular deficits.

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