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5-Star Laser Therapy Knee Pain Treatment in Kelowna

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Laser pain relief therapy is a state-of-the-art approach to accelerating your healing and relieving your knee pain quickly and effectively.

Laser therapy for knee pain is painless, noninvasive, comfortable and fast. An average care session takes between four to six minutes.

There are no side effects, other than one: quicker, more efficient healing of damaged tissue. It helps to decrease swelling and muscle spasm, stiffness and pain through the creation of an optimal healing environment.

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Knee Pain Treatment

Pressure from a twist, forced rotation, lifting heavy items, or getting up too quickly from a squatting position may all lead to knee pain or a meniscus tear. This condition has devastating effects, causing:

  • Difficulty fully bending or straightening your knee
  • Difficulty in moving your knee
  • Knee cannot support your body
  • Knee giving way
  • Knee locking
  • Pain
  • Popping sounds or a popping sensation in your knee

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Laser Pain Therapy in Kelowna