We really treasure the testimonials we receive from our patients!

I am so impressed with the Consultation and treatments I have had with Dr Jeff. His light touch method has amazing results and I would highly recommend him to my friends and family.

~Jo Ann M.

My children and I have been coming to Dr. Jeff for about 10 years. He really listens and cares about our family and we are very healthy because of this. I would highly recommend him.

~Jennifer R.

For a sore back this treatment is very gentle

~Peter Donald

Best chiropractor in Kelowna!

~K & C Zahn

Dr. Jeff has treated my family for a number of years and it helps my daughter play high level volleyball at her best.

~C Rowe

I was to the point that I did not like my job and wanted to quit because I was always in so much pain. After only a couple of sessions the pain was gone. After a few more, I felt more energy and I...

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Knowing that I can come for a treatment when some part of my body is out of “wack” or I’m in pain is of great comfort personally and professionally.

~Christine Bulak

Chiropractic Care has improved the quality of life for me personally! Chiropractic Care has enabled me to re-establish the range of motion in my body to a level where I can function pain-free on a...

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Chiropractic Care reduced or eliminated the back problems that seem to go with growing older. They helped me learn how to keep physically fit and specifically, improve the quality of my golf game.

~Robert Hunkin

I have more energy and I feel more upbeat not having to feel pain constantly. I enjoy my sports more and look forward to my next challenge. I did not realize how rotten I felt before Dr....

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Chiropractic Care has enabled me to live a more active lifestyle in my day-to-day life. It has been the best decision that I have made in a long time. I should’ve done this years ago!

~Mitch Cornett

In September, I came to Dr. Pereverzoff suffering from a fall that occurred in July. I didn’t do anything about the fall when it happened, and the pain had become so severe that I was unable to sit...

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I hurt my back in 1994. After 6 months of physio and doctor’s appointment, no one could tell me what I had done, and I was still in lots of pain. Then I came to Chiropractic Care. It took him only...

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Though initially suspicious of chiropractic care, I have become a devotee!!! It has had a significant, positive impact on my general well being and thus improved all aspects of my life. Sleeping...

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After one month of visits, I began to notice that certain aches and pains I once had were diminishing or gone completely. I originally decided to go to a chiropractor for a “clicking” in my neck...

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